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Here are a few case studies of how Bruce helped some of his clients.

Freedom from Smoking
A man who had smoked for twenty years (a pack a day for the past ten years) came to my office to free himself from cigarettes. He was tired of the habit, which he felt was socially unacceptable, inconvenient and unhealthy. In hypnosis, I asked the client to imagine all of the cigarettes he had ever smoked stacking up around him and all of the smoke from those cigarettes gathering around him. Then, I gave the client suggestions that he had smoked his fair share of cigarettes for a lifetime and reminded his subconscious of all of the health benefits of quitting smoking. I also gave the client suggestions that certain replacements (like taking a deep breath, remembering a relaxing place, or having a tiny mint) would satisfy any old urges to smoke. The client hasn't smoked since our session and is free of the old smoking habit.

Medication Side Effects - Sweet Tooth
A man's doctor recommended that he try hypnotherapy to address an undesirable side effect of a medication that the doctor had prescribed. While the medicine was working fine, it also was having the unintended and undesirable side effect of making the man incredibly hungry for sweets like ice cream and candy. In just three months of taking the medication, the man had gained 20 unwanted pounds. In hypnosis, I gave the client suggestions that sweets would remind him of foods he did not like so much, such as liver. I also had him imagine being back 20 pounds lighter again, visualize adjusting his internal cravings controls, and see himself leaving the sweets alone in the future. The client reported back that his urges for sweets vanished almost immediately and that he was doing fine.

A Good Night's Rest
A woman came to me because she was only sleeping a couple of hours a night. She had trouble falling asleep and also getting back to sleep if something woke her up in the middle of the night. As a result, she spent most nights wide awake, knowing that she would be tired and dragging the next day. In a few sessions, I gave the client suggestions that she could leave any thoughts, worries or issues on her nightstand where she could deal with them after a night's rest. In hypnosis, she was reminded that she did not have to learn how to sleep, that she slept well as a baby, and that she could trust that process now as well. I also gave her various post-hypnotic suggestions and tools to help her sleeping habits. The client happily reported back that she was soon falling asleep quickly and sleeping at least 6 to 8 hours most nights.

Afraid to Fly Home
A woman from England came to my office who was unable to return home because of her fear of flying. Her session with a hypnotherapist in London had given her the courage to make the flight to the United States to visit relatives. But, now she was afraid to fly back home. In hypnosis, I had the client imagine having a pleasant, uneventful flight home; then she visualized it again watching herself smiling throughout the trip. I gave her hypnotic suggestions that she would feel as calm and relaxed on the flight home as she feels when in her garden. I also gave her certain actions (like deep breathing and toe wiggling) that she could use to post-hypnotically trigger a sense of calm during the flight. The client made it home smiling.

Fear of Public Speaking .
A man came to my office because he had a fear of public speaking but had to give a speech at an upcoming, large, political fundraising event. I gave him hypnotic suggestions that the speech would go just as easily as if he were talking informally to a friend or family member. I also gave the client, a video game enthusiast, suggestions that any fears he had about speaking would be eaten away - the same way that character Pac Man eats dots throughout a maze in the video game. Finally, the client imagined in hypnosis the event going well. After the event, the client reported back that his nerves and fears melted away the second he got up on stage and that the speech went fine.

Weekly Journey to Release Stress .
A busy, successful small business owner comes to my office weekly to get rid of stress. Because this is one of my clients who are very visual, he actually experiences virtually anything that I suggest while he is in hypnosis. As a result, I have taken him on hypnotic mini-vacations that help him get rid of unhelpful stress - including journeys of the mind to places like Thailand, Hawaii, a favorite river rafting spot, a tropical island to swim with dolphins, and even outer space! The client reports that he loves his weekly session - the only time during the week that he turns off his cell phone and allows himself to relax - and that he will keep coming back every week.