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"Since I left your office, I have not had any cravings for sweets/candy. I am amazed at how natural the change in behavior feels to me."
--Lous S.

"I wanted to say thank you. I haven't smoked a cigarette since the half-hour before my meeting with you. And, it hasn't been a struggle, nor difficult at all, and I continue to feel committed to it. So, thank you. In fact, people around me have been so impressed with how easy it has been for me, that I have inspired several who already have had appointments with you. And, I will continue to sing your praises."
--Michael K.

"After the death of my husband, I felt lost. Hypnotherapy with Bruce truly changed my life. Peace, joy and humor returned. They had all been missing in my everyday life for several months. I am now able to accept this new stage of my life. I still miss my husband and I know I always will, but life is good again now."
--Carol L.

"Hypnotherapy helped me focus and relax for my tryout with a professional soccer team."
--Mike M.

"I had been taking sleeping pills almost every night for three and one-half years. No matter how hard I tried, I was unable to overcome my reliance on these sleep aids. This caused a steady rise in my general feeling of anxiety. I went to see Bruce with the attitude that I'd do anything to try to cure my insomnia. After a few visits, I was able to completely end my reliance on sleeping pills. I no longer even have sleeping pills in the house."
--Tim M.

"As a result of working with Bruce, I was able to let go of my seemingly endless procrastination and finish a book project that had been sitting on my desk for over two years."
--Steven N.

"I had doubts about trying hypnotherapy, but I am extremely happy that I did try. It has helped me tremendously. I leave each session rejuvenated and feeling great. To me, it's better than massage."
--Keith M.

"Hypnotherapy helped me to relieve and to deal with stress after the death of my husband . . . especially loss of sleep."
--Sandi T.

"Bruce creates a safe and comfortable environment. His explanations are thorough and easy to understand; he removes the mystery from hypnosis. Bruce's manner is attentive and caring, and his approach is intelligent and confident. I noticed some results early on, but independent of any results, the sessions felt great!"
--Alex K.

"Everybody has bad habits -- knee jerk reactions that we automatically carry out without even thinking. The fascinating thing about hypnosis is noticing that your automatic reactions change. Anyone can consciously state 'I want to lose some weight.' or 'I will be less shy.' But you know hypnosis is really working when you suddenly notice that your new, good habits are happening just as automatically as the old, bad habits used to happen."
--Richard C.