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Don't you just hate it when the little things in life become major obstacles that intrude on your goals to lose weight, quit smoking, climb a mountain, run a marathon, fly away for a spontaneous weekend, make a speech, write a screenplay, get a promotion, start a new career, embrace success, improve your self image, fall in love, make a commitment, open up your heart to receive joy, or simply just stop and smell the roses without feeling guilty about it?

Isn�t it about time for a change? Hypnosis and hypnotherapy encompass a deep state of relaxation where your subconscious mind willingly becomes extraordinarily receptive to new and better ways of changing habits, rectifying behaviors, and overcoming fears.

Hypnosis gets your whole mind working to achieve whatever you want. Hypnosis helps focus both the conscious part of the mind which controls things by logic and willpower and the subconscious which goes into autopilot or remembers previous habits.

Once perceived as hocus pocus, hypnotherapy is now considered a safe, gentle, and effective way to encourage the mind-body connection and emotional growth process.

Unlike traditional therapy, some clients see dramatic results in one or two sessions.


"As a result of working with Bruce Bonnett, I was able to let go of my seemingly endless procrastination and finish a book project that had been sitting on my desk for over two years."